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Aroeve PureCredits Rewards Program

PureCredits Rewards Program

PureCredits Benefits

How it works

Step 1-Sign Up First

Sign up here to start earning your PureCredits Benefits Now . Every purchase will bring you the PureCredits.

Step 2-Earn PureCredits

Follow the Earn PureCredits Rules below. Complete the tasks, and the PureCredits will be sent automatically.

Step3-Redeem Rewards

Refer to the Spend PureCredits Rules, and purchase the product/coupon/discount in the store using PureCredits

Earn PureCredits

Visit Online Store

1 Credit

Maximum of 3 credits per day per person

Subscribe Mailist

10 Credits

Credits will be automatically issued

Shopping Here

$1=1 Credit

Earns you 1 credit for every $1 spent on orders

Honest Review

5 Credits

For honest, authentic, useful review on the product page.

Follow SNS Accounts

Happy Birthday to You

30 Credits

PureCredits will be issued automaticlly on your birthday.

Referring your Friends

30 Credtis

Both the referrer and referee can earn 30 PureCredits ,upon successful purchase

Complete Your Profile

20 Credits

AROEVE wants to get to know you better .Complete your profile here now !

Silver Upgrade Voucher

Finding it too slow to accumulate credits?

Our Silver Upgrade Voucher ($29.99) instantly boosts you to Silver grade and grants you 500 PureCredits, enabling you to redeem 4 filters—2 packs of 2—right away ! Get in early, start enjoying sooner!

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FAQ about PureCredits Program

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Earning AROEVE PureCredits

Redeeming AROEVE PureCredits

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