What is AS-Sorb Material ?

What is AS-Sorb Material ?

      Traditional activated carbon filters use coal-based, wood-based, and coconut shell-based carbons as adsorbents to remove gaseous pollutants from the air. However, small molecular weight and low boiling point gaseous pollutants are difficult to adsorb in large quantities by activated carbon micropores, and they can easily desorb after adsorption. The adsorption of gaseous pollutants is a dynamic equilibrium process, and as gaseous pollutants accumulate inside the activated carbon, when the adsorption saturation or dynamic equilibrium conditions change, the adsorbed gaseous pollutants will desorb from the activated carbon pores and be released into the air, causing odors.

      In addition, microorganisms in the air can settle on the surface of the activated carbon, creating a moist environment with a carbon source needed for microbial growth. Microorganisms can proliferate on the surface of activated carbon, and the primary metabolites and dead bodies produced during their growth and reproduction processes can also produce odors.

      AS-Sorb gas-phase purification materials use aluminum-based porous materials as carriers, and effective ingredients such as transition metal oxides, rare earth catalysts, and potassium permanganate to physically adsorb and catalytically oxidize gaseous pollutants in the air into harmless and odorless substances such as water, carbon dioxide, and inorganic salts. AS-Sorb gas-phase purification materials can completely transform and decompose small molecular weight gaseous pollutants through chemical reactions. The effective ingredients in AS-Sorb gas-phase purification materials can chemically react with microbial cell membranes, causing the denaturation of membrane proteins and killing microorganisms. Therefore, gas-phase purification materials do not produce odors during use.

      Using AS-Sorb gas-phase purification materials alone or mixing them with activated carbon materials not only demonstrates excellent air purification performance but also effectively solves the odor problems that arise during the use of activated carbon materials. Mixing AS-Sorb gas-phase purification materials with activated carbon materials can organically combine the adsorption function of activated carbon materials with the decomposition function of gas-phase purification materials. Activated carbon materials can quickly adsorb and remove gaseous pollutants from the air, and the desorbed gaseous pollutants can be decomposed and transformed into harmless substances by gas-phase purification materials. This mixed application can improve purification performance and extend the lifespan of the filter.

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